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We’re living in a global economy, with interconnected finances and markets. International trade is a huge part of the world’s consumption, which means it also plays an important role in the outlook for economic growth. Forex trading online is a small part of the financial market. Even though it may seem like a huge market, forex trading is rarely one-on-one, but often a few pairs at once.
The forex market’s movements have cascading effects on currencies and the entire global economy. It helps to know about this impact on your investments, whether you’re looking for ways to hedge risk or optimize your portfolio diversity.
Why forex trading?
Let’s look at the top reasons why forex trading online is important to your investments:
1) It affects national economies directly.
The global economy is saturated with economic transactions that involve foreign currencies.
The scale of this massive amount is enormous: it accounts for roughly 10 percent of the world’s gross domestic product or GDP. This means that 10 percent is almost three times as large as forex trading itself, which is approximately 3 trillion dollars a year. In other words, even in countries where stocks are traded on average one-third of shares are held through Forex and stocks do not have direct economic effects because they cannot be converted into currency and used in trade, however indirect effects due to stock markets can be significant i.e. they can affect the domestic economy and lead to unemployment.
Moreover, the foreign exchange also has a significant impact on the macroeconomy. As most economies rely on trade for their growth, international currency fluctuations can have far-reaching effects on their overall output. This means that shifting trends in the currency markets can have a large impact on an economy’s prosperity and even long-term political stability.
2) It shapes your portfolio’s value
You can enhance your portfolio by adding some good trade points to it.