10 Best Skateboard Bearing Oils to Keep Your Board Rolling Smooth

If you want your skateboard to operate easily, it is important to maintain your skateboard bearing lube. This helps reduce friction and use which will help prevent corrosion. The right oil will even protect your bearings from dirt and debris. Continue reading for more information on retaining your skateboard bearings moisturized and working well.

Why You Need To Lubricate Your Skateboard Bearings:

Skateboard bearings are made from metallic, and like most aluminum elements, they need to be lubricated to minimize rubbing and put on. Lubrication also helps stop rusting. Additionally, the right type of oil can safeguard your bearings from soil and debris. Discover ways to thoroughly clean skateboard bearings.

What type of Oil to utilize on Skateboard Bearings:

There are a selection of natural oils that you can use on skateboard bearings. It is essential is picking an oil made for metal bearings. In addition, you ought to choose an oil with excellent lubricating attributes and potential to deal with dirt and dirt. Some well-liked brands include Bones Bearing Oil, Bronson Rate Co. Bearing Oil, and Unbiased Legitimate Components Bearing Oil.

The Frequency Of Which to Oil Skateboard Bearings:

It can be generally a smart idea to oil your skateboard bearings every month or two. Nevertheless, in the event you ride frequently or perhaps in dusty or messy problems, you may want to oil them more often. Also, when you notice your bearings are starting to really feel dried up or gritty, it is actually time and energy to oil them.

The way to Clean Skateboard Bearings:

To clean your bearings, begin by taking off the rims through your skateboard. Following, use a bearing solution or solvent to get rid of debris, debris, or older grease in the bearings. Once the bearings are cleansed, give a number of falls of fresh oil to each 1. Then, re-put in the tires and rewrite them to distribute the oil consistently.


Your skateboard bearings are essential for sleek functionality and extended life. The correct oil might help reduce friction and dress in, stop corrosion, whilst keeping your bearings clear. Make sure you oil your bearings every month or two, or maybe more frequently, should you drive frequently or in filthy situations.