Philodendron Serpens Care ― The Complete Guide

Seeking a beautiful and very low-servicing houseplant? Look no further than Philodendron Serpens! This vegetation is not hard to look after and may prosper in a range of situations. In this particular guideline, we will discuss all you need to find out about growing and looking after Philodendron Serpens. We are going to cover anything from placing to irrigating to fertilizing. Therefore if you’re trying to find a stunning inclusion to your home or office, make sure you give Philodendron Serpens a test!


philo serpens could be produced both in dirt and normal water. If placing in garden soil, be sure to make use of a well-draining planting combine and set the plant in indirect lighting. Normal water on a regular basis, making certain the soil is wet although not soggy. To increase your Philodendron Serpens in normal water, place cuttings or modest vegetation inside a vase full of distilled or purified water. Affect the h2o every 2-3 several weeks to prevent germs accumulation.

Irrigating, Fertilizing

When it comes to irrigating, look for the most notable in . of your earth before adding any additional dampness. Your Philo Serpens should not be placed in normal water, as this can lead to underlying rot. Work with a balanced liquefied fertilizer every 1-2 a few months throughout the summer and spring. Thin down the fertilizer in accordance with bundle guidelines. And finally, Philodendron Serpens does not require pruning or repotting frequently. Even so, in case your herb is now overcrowded or leggy, trim back extended stalks and repot right into a slightly larger box using a fresh planting mix.

Heat and Humidity

Philodendron Serpens is not fussy in relation to heat, whether it stays within the plethora of 60-85 levels Fahrenheit. This herb prefers substantial amounts of moisture. Think about setting them in a restroom or near a humidifier to keep the environment damp. Go ahead and mist your plant with water every week to enhance dampness ranges.

General, Philodendron Serpens is actually a stunning and reduced-routine maintenance accessory for any inside space. With care and attention, your plant continue to thrive and bring life to your residence or workplace. Delighted horticulture!